Film . Television . Fashion . Theatre

Hair &

-Makeup Application

-Hair Styling


-Continuity hair cutting/trimming

-Wig blocking

-Wig Styling

-Wig application/hair wrap

-Prosthetic application and creation (latex, gelatin, Probondo, wax etc)

​-Facial hair dressing and application

Assassains Creed - Feature Film
Crowd Makeup & Hair Trainee(dailies)
Paul Gooch - Designer
Justin kurzel - Director
​Ubisoft Motion Pictures

The Danish Girl - Feature Film
Crowd Makeup & Hair Junior(dailies)
Jan Sewell - Designer ​
Tom Hooper - Director

'Will' - Television Series
Makeup & Hair Junior(dailies)
Marella Shearer - Designer
Shekhar Kapur/Craig Pearce - Directors

Amazon Adventure - IMAX Feature Film
Makeup & Hair Trainee
Erika Okvist - Designer

Mike Slee - Director

Original IMAX Production

The Royals - E! Channel - Television Series

Makeup & Hair Trainee(dailies)

Kate Benton - Designer

Jean de Segonzac - Director

'Freixenet ICE' Cava  Campaign- Stills

Makeup and Hair Artist
Tim Hogan Photographer

AESOP... Agency
Morgan Lockyer Production

Nuffield Health Campaign - Stills

Makeup & Hair Artist

​Production Paul Waters

SLG Marketing

DUAC Campaign– Stills 

Makeup Artist ​

Michael Pilkington Photographer

The Hive Group

Donna Wilson 2014/2015 Collection

Makeup & Hair Artist ​

Oliver's Island


Celebrity Haunted Hotel Live - Jamie East & Matt Richardson
Makeup & Hair Artist ​
'W' Channel - UKTV

The Rebel - Simon Callow
Makeup & Hair Artist ​

Suits - Rick Hoffman



​​Poulenc's La Voix Humaine – St Pauls (Opera)

Makeup Artist 

Chris Storey(Director) & the Richmond Orchestra


Denial - Feature Film
Crowd Makeup & Hair Junior(dailies)
Marese Langan - Designer
​Mick Jackson - Director

Avengers: Age of Ultron – Feature Film
​Hair and Makeup Trainee(dailies)
Second Unit
​Joss Whedon Director

The Mercy - Feature Film

Crowd Makeup & Hair Junior(dailies)

Marese Langan - Designer

James Marsh - Director

Deep Water Productions Ltd

The Haunting(working title) 
Makeup & Hair Designer 
​David Holroyd - Director
Crispin Manson - Producer 
​TH Film Ltd 

My Financial Services – TrickBox TV

Makeup, Hair & Grooming  

Steve Rehman Director


Persil – DiG Campaign (Unilever) 2015/2016

Makeup and Hair Artist

Photographer Paul Plews

Not Actual Size Agency

British Education Council 2017

Makeup and Hair Artist

Photographer Paul Plews


SpecSavers (HearCare) – Stills  

Makeup & Grooming ​

Kate Abbey Photographer -

Morgan Lockyer Production


Coco Bay - 2015/2016/2017 Collection 
Location Shoot - Maldives & Barbados
Hair & Makeup Artist
Anna Roscoe Photographer

T H E  T A L L I S 2015/2016/2017 Collection

Hair & Makeup Artist

Will Milligan Photographer


Modern Life is Goodish - Dave Gorman

Personal Makeup & Hair Artist

Avalon Productions with UKTV

Undercover - Sarah Alexander & Daniel Rigby

Hair & Makeup Artist



Awful Auntie by David Walliams

Garrick Theatre London

Makeup & Wigs Artist


Young & Invincible – Feldspar  (Music Video) 
Makeup & Hair Artist ​
​Craig Heathcote Director 

'I heard Love' - IV ROX (Music Video)
Makeup Assistant to S.Bhogal
Sonia Bhogal - Designer